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05-01-2010, 09:35 AM
Originally Posted by Tarby
I had that. Did a couple aid missions in Delta, didn't complete. Said the hell with it and dropped it XD
Similar thing happened to me a couple months ago in Arucanis. I had done a couple of these missions in DV, and they counted - no big deal, right? Then one came up in Arcanis, I bought the "difference" of items I needed to have enough (each item had cost 200 creds and I bought 8,) was hitting the tab to go back to the system to complete the mission, and wasn't taken back. Travelled from earth back to Arucanis with the tab still showing, but every time I hit it, nothin' happened.

So there I was, stuck with a bunch of junk I invested in and didn't need or have a use for. I was mad that I'd dumped 1000 credits I needed to put towards other things, and ever since then, I just drop any and all "Aid" missions. Funk the Pirx or whoever else is whining about "provisions;" they can talk a Ferengi into gettin' their planet some replicators and just deal with the low quality.