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05-01-2010, 10:57 AM
Okay so we have three different playable character types on the federation side...Tactical, Engineer and science officers to choose from, along with three different ship types. When I goto create another character is the same story line that I follow. With each different officer class there should be a different line of story. If I want all three different types of ships I have to go through the same story three times which makes leveling up the second and third characters mostly unexciting. Add more content that isn't just endgame and more races...granted I want endgame and races added in as well...but try and make the game play that leads up to endgame a bit more diverse. There simply aren't enough missions. There should always be an abundance of missions...I should never be needing to level up just to get my hands on another set of missions.

The moral of this story is...Content. More diverse content for the different playable officers and maybe even different playable federation races...Such as...if you are a vulcan...maybe there should be some extra missions you can do for the vulcan home world.

I bring this up because I am with The Old Timers Guild Star Trek Online Chapter and within our forums and ingame chat...this is the biggest gripe of all. More Content please.