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05-02-2010, 11:28 AM
Originally Posted by Combadge
I noticed this as well. There was a lone engineer standing in a room in a mission I was in (line of sight issues, I'm assuming, had caused him not to come with the rest of his group). I had my group hold position while I moved forward to engage and kill him. Every shot he did with his phaser pistol went straight to my health. No shield damage, just pure health damage. The damage itself was fairly noticeable since this was on an elite difficulty setting.

You should probably chance your subject title to "NPC pistol damage ignoring shields" (or something) so it attracts the proper attention. I'm not sure if the current title is going to attract a dev's eye.
Good point, I can't change the title though, only a Dev can do that unfortunately :/

Oh well, hopefully the Devs take a quick glance and read it....