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05-02-2010, 08:44 PM
Adding a little more information to this. I have observed this problem mainly with phaser pistols. If you need specific examples of where to see it, try the starfleet medics and engineers on the mission "Shutdown".

Here's a standard, legitimate attack from the combat log taken during that mission.

"Your Personal Shields absorbs 33 (18) damage."
"Security Officer deals 2 (36) Phaser Damage to you with Phaser Rifle."

Everything looks normal there. The log shows that attack did 33 damage to my personal shield and would have done 18 damage to my health if it hadn't been applied to the shields. It also shows that 2 damage (bleedthrough) was done to my health, and that the total damage of the attack was 36. From this information we can extrapolate that I had 18/33 = 54% phaser damage resistance at that moment.

Looks normal. It shows the personal shield protecting and my resistances offering protection.

But here's another portion of the combat log from the same fight:

"Engineer deals 27 Phaser Damage to you with Phaser Pistol."
"Medic deals 16 Phaser Damage to you with Phaser Pistol."

Now what the heck is happening there? That is *while* I have *full* personal shields. And yet the damage is completely ignoring it. And I can see this clearly on my character portrait, represented by a full, unscathed shield bar and a rapidly diminishing health bar. Since no resistance to the attack is being reported is indirectly mentioned in the log either, I assume it's also being ignored.

Needless to say, when several starfleet medics and engineers are shooting at you with their phaser pistols, your health starts to drop rapidly. Shields sit pretty, though.

Please check into this and fix it.