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05-02-2010, 10:56 PM
Good morning,

When I created my account only 3 weeks ago, I wasnt too sure of everything and I just wanted to get the basics in place as I've played online brower games in the past and I presumed that details can be changed - as they can be in other games.

I created the account with the name USS_Evolutionary as I thougt that it was going to be my ship name, not account name. I've been asking on STO chat to everyone and most people havent spared the 30 seconds it takes to reply and I'm getting worried now and a little stressed now .

I would like to change my account name to Dracealious - to fit in with the species, crew and Biography I've created for my species. I've paid 30 gbp to download the game and also a 3 month subscription so I can save 150 to get a life time membership in August. I'm already a Lt Commader 7 and I've been playing the game all the time when I'm not working; I really dont want to have to delete the account just to get this minute detail changed.

As my name on the game is Evo, It also looks a bit stupid having an abbreviaton of my species name (and account name!) as my character name. I've really taken pride in this game as I've loved Star Trek my whole life. My father watched TNG from when I was 2 years old back in 1987 and this game is a dream come true for me.

I think the gameplays brilliant and the graphics are just breathtaking. I've looked through game reviews and I really think this game is a 9.5 /10 and I cant understand how the reviews havent done it justice. The game on the ground and in space is remarkable through and through and I've been telling all my family, friends and collegues about it, in the hope that they'll jjoin too and see for themsselves. I first heard of the game last July and since then I've been raring to go.

I was a member of my previous Game Darkorbit for 2 years and I got to position 296 of nearly 80,000 people on the GB. Since joining STO, I havent been on DO a single once. I honestly feel a bit guilty to leave the clan but I'm going to mak a video to show them for themselves too.

I do realise that this is not a normal request but honestly, the game means so much to me already and my fate is really in your hands. Please, please can I change this over on theis one single occasion? Maybe also if you could put a note on the account for your own benefit just to say not to grant anything else as this is the only request I'll ever have. Additionally, I have checked the username availability and it is still free so that wouldnt be a problem.

Deepest appologies and best regards,
Alan Smith (Evo)