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The below happens with every ship I've flown. I run the game with just about everything maxed out.

Right before warping into a system (during last loading screen) my FPS drops like a rock, and the closeup (warp in view) of my ship shows a lo-res model 99.9% of the time. Once the camera stops panning around the ship, my FPS instantly jump back up. Here is an example of a really bad lo-res model, the Cheyenne, I wince every time I see it. [image1] [image2]
Windowed Maximized
FPS Never drops, and the warp in closeup loads the hi-res model. However during regular play the screen tears as if v-sync was disabled. Perhaps v-sync doesn't work in windowed mode, I am uncertain, but my FPS stays capped below 60. Regardless I find it too distracting to play the game in this mode.
I've tried just about every combination of V-sync on/off/app controlled there is, as well as enabling triple buffering in both screen modes to no effect.

So basically I'd like to know which is to blame for this.
  1. Is it a bug with the game engine in Fullscreen?
  2. Is it my Nvidia GeForce GTX 285 Hardware?
  3. Is it my Video Drivers? Currently 185.85 (Yes, it is quite old)
I run WinXP Pro
Here are my Driver settings. [image] (Vertical sync is now set to application controlled for the time being)
Here are my in-game settings. [image]