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For those that haven't heard yet, the rewards for the referral Program have been announced. A holographic bridge officer is the reward for 1 friend buying a 1 month subscription, and The All Good Things Galaxy class variant will be the reard for 5 friends buying 1 month subscriptions. Now many players have wanted to see this ship in-game, but this will make it almost impossible to get. Many of us don't have friends that like Star Trek to begin with, and for those that do, many of them have already recruited their friends through CE buddy cards and other means. This will make the class all but impossible to obtain for many players. I propose 1 of 3 ideas for fixing this problem:
  • Make the Galaxy X a Veteran Reward instead of a Referral reward.
  • Make the All Good Things Galaxy available in the C-store for a premium fee at the same time the first few players unlock it through the Referral Program.
  • Make both the Holographic BO and Galaxy X unlock from 1 referral. This would be far more fair, as no other MMO I can think of has a reward requiring so many referrals.

I for one have done everything I can to support Cryptic and improve this game, and though the devs have done other controversial things in the past, I have stuck by them for the sake of the game. However, this is the first things they've done that could break the game for me. If this isn't remedied, I for one might end up leaving STO.

Other posts by me about this issue:

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First off, I'd like to apologize to dstahl if this has become a riot. That was not my intention, I didn't want this to become a full blown riot like the salegate fiasco was. Riots are bad for the game, as they get people quiting, and all I care about is improving the game. This was intended to be a petition, and if you guys can't keep the posts civil, please leave the thread.

Now, let me gets this straight. The AGT Galaxy will have a unique power? What happened to the previous statement about exclusives not having lasting affects on gameplay. You said this back when people were worried about the effects preorder exclusives would have. At least those were low tier items that weren't useful at the higher levels, this is an end-game ship, where players spend most of their time. How is this power supposed to balance in PvP without becoming unfair? This was bad enough when an elite group of players were getting an aesthetic skin. Now they're getting unique powers?

Also, the statement about T5 versions of the Tier 4 ships is both exciting and disheartining. Though I'm happy to see lower tier ships made available at higher tiers, I had hoped for a full blown refit system, instead of just one tier getting bumped up.

Thanks for the quick response dstahl, and thinks for shedding some light on this mystery.
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I know that dstahl passed this off as a riot post, and that was my fault for letting it turn into a riot by not posting that it was a petition in the op, but I've noticed that admist the flamers and Cryptic haters, several of the most respected forum members have spoken out against this issue. I hope that someone from Cryptic will take the time to see that if some of the most respected forum members don't like it, maybe it should be changed. Many others besides me are people that have supported this game from the start and have done everything we can to make sure the game is fair and that it improves.

They really need to see that giving this ship to an elite group of players before anyone else can obtain the T5Galaxy is just asking for trouble. Not only is it unfair that regular joe's will be forced to watch this elite group show off their ships and taunt other players for not having it (if you don't think this will happen, go back and look into the blue name fiasco, in which a decent sized group of lifers began holding there blue titles over others heads, and began acting like they were better than everyone else), but they have made it almost impossible for the vast majority of players to obtain the ship to start with, since very few people have 5 friends they could recruit to the game that they haven't already recruited.

The devs need to seriously sit back, review this decision, and realize that they need to be fair about this. Yeah, it's nice that a dev is making this ship as a reward in his free time, and yes it's nice that they're giving rewards to players that rae able to recruit, but it is totally unfair to give it only to those players that can recruit.

Instead, it would be far more fair to make the ship the price of the points that players would normally get for recruiting 5 friends (400 c points x 5 = 2000 c points). Then, recruiters would still be able to get the ship for free, but others would have the oppurtunity to buy it as well.
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Generally speaking, I agree with you. I don't like the idea of making the super-cannon functional. How will it balace with the regular Tier 5 Galaxy, Intrepid, and Defiant? Will the Intrepid get Ablative Armor Plating Generators and the Defiant Cloaking? How will it balance with exitsting Tier 5 ships? Will a Sovereign suddenly become obsolete compared to a Galaxy, which is several years older?

It is not right to add an exclusive gameplay mechanic to a ship in end-game. This is a completely different matter from the pre-order bonuses, which were only effective during lower levels. This is a unique gameplay mechanic that only an elite group of players will recive, which is completely unfair, and will only breed jealousy, which totally undermines what makes Star Trek, Star Trek.