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05-03-2010, 07:45 PM
Originally Posted by shikamaru317 View Post
For those that haven't heard yet, the rewards for the referral Program have been announced. A holographic bridge officer is the reward for 1 friend buying a 1 month subscription, and The All Good Things Galaxy class variant will be the reard for 5 friends buying 1 month subscriptions. Now many players have wanted to see this ship in-game, but this will make it almost impossible to get. Many of us don't have friends that like Star Trek to begin with, and for those that do, many of them have already recruited their friends through CE buddy cards and other means. This will make the class all but impossible to obtain for many players. I propose 1 of two ideas for fixing this problem:
  • Switch the 400 day veteran reward, the Captain's Yacht with the All Good Things Galaxy, since all players can obtain the 400 day reward.
  • Make the All Good Things Galaxy available in the C-store for a premium fee at the same time the first few players unlock it through the Referral Program.

I for one have done everything I can to support Cryptic and improve this game, and though the devs have done other controversial things in the past, I have stuck by them for the sake of the game. However, this is the first things they've done that could break the game for me. If this isn't remedied, I for one might end up leaving STO.
I agree 100% that this is bad move on there part and it should be in the c-store to since all my friends would want me to pay them to play this game lol