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05-03-2010, 07:08 PM
Originally Posted by Intrepidox View Post
i'm inclined to agree, it *could* be from an accolade from an STF or something like that, aswell, and this is just another way of getting it.

it's theoretically possible, anyway.
exactly, man. Let's just hope a developer can give some insight into this.

Honestly, if the language is vague - it's best to wait for clarification (or so I say).

The accolades are coming out this month (and there's no telling if it might eventually wind up as vet perk or c-store item). Who knows? I don't.

Originally Posted by shikamaru317 View Post
You're right that it doesn't specifically say exclusive, but it still seems they plan to make it available through the referral program before making it available through other means, which is still unacceptable by my standards. If they give it to a select handful through the referral program first, it makes them look elite and promotes jealousy. Not a godd idea. It needs to be made available to all players through another avenue at the same time that players start to unlock it through the Referral program.
Shikamaru317 - did you have lifetime, pre-order, or other marketing items wind up as obtainable through other means?

If so, it's a promotional thing. Let's wait for clarification.

Till then, let's relax - the way Mugatu would: