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05-03-2010, 08:01 PM
Well, I have to say this is the first of these "special offers" that has come around that I have a real issue with. First, I do not "recruit" people ... ever. I'll mention I play the game and give them my thoughts. But I will not ever "recruit" them regardless of the rewards. Second, having such an iconic and requested ship as a recruiter reward just puts a bad taste in my mouth. It could be a really expensive C-store item and I wouldn't complain. It could be a special boxed set reward and I wouldn't complain. However, as a recruiter reward I will complain. I think it's wrong and don't appreciate the attempted bribe to get players to push the game onto their friends. If you aren't confident enough in your game, why should I ask five friends to play it?

Bad form. Bad PR decision.