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05-03-2010, 11:30 PM
Note: Some game play restrictions apply for recruits, see FAQ. While supplies last. Only active subscribers to Star Trek Online can send invitations. For the recruiter to qualify for the Star Trek Online purchase rewards, recruits must enter a valid Star Trek Online retail Product Registration Key. To qualify for the subscription rewards, recruits must be billed for at least a one month of subscription.
I think this is the part that bothers me most. I can understand the recruit five friends part, but each game purchased comes with 30 days free gameplay. Lets say all 5 friends decide that they don't like the game during that 30 days and decide not to subscribe. You just went through all of that work to get 5 friends to try STO for nothing. Then you'd have to start all over.

The time and effort to do this seems more of a gamble of luck then a reward for customers work.