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05-04-2010, 10:51 AM
I was a huge Star Trek Fan and
I was huge Cryptic Fan.

I read the new "Refer a friend" page today.

I'm still a huge Star Trek Fan but
I'm not a Cryptic Fan any more.

Almost every real TNG and Star Trek fan would like to see too ships in the game, usable in T5: The Galaxy (and it's AGT-variant) and the Excelsior (including its refit). I posted in petitons, voted and even wrote a ticket with this suggestion to give Cryptic a hint, what me and my friends liked to see and to pay for (!). Even putting it in the c-store for a high price wouldn't be a problem.

But what did Cryptic?

To get the ship I want most within this game, I have to bring five more subs and retail buyers to your game! Although I already gave away all three Guest Passes from my collectors and the free trial token from the homepage to my friends.

So everybody I know is already playing for weeks and month now because I recruited them (!). This way I have no chance to get the ship.

Seriously, Cryptic. You had a great fan here, and you kicked his butt the worst way you could do. Do you know what my fleet is discussing at the moment? Leaving the game because of this. One of our players just wrote in fleet chat what most of our Star Trek Fans feel like: "Once I see this so-wanted ship around without having a real chance to get it by yourself, it will be no fun anymore for me."

I'm "just" a customer and don't have the power to convince you to bring this great Galaxy-X-skin to everyone or even the c-store, but I can ask you to PLEASE think about this decision! It's one of the worst you've done since you released "our" game.

Best regards from Europe,

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