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05-04-2010, 11:00 AM
I think ALL of the C-store items should be available via gameplay methods. The C-store or referral methods would just allow people to use RL means to get them if they somehow cant get in via the gameplay method.

So far Cryptic are just content to fleece their playerbase of every single bit of money they can get by using carrots the playerbase actually requested.

Want a Ferengi - C-Store - 80 Points
Want a Klingon - C-Store - 240 Points
Want a Pakled - C-Store - 160 Points
Want a Tellarite - C-Store - 200 Points
Want a new emote - C-Store- 120 Points
Want 2 more character slots - C-Store - 500 Points
Want a new ship skin - C-Store - 160 - 240 x 6 for each Federation T5 at least
Want a new bridge pack - C-Store - 80 - 240 Points x 6 for each Federation T5 at least

Amount of Points to get EVERY item excluding, rename, respec.

Approx, 4000 Points
Cryptic Points cost = $62.50 - 5000 Points

Cryptic has near enough $60 worth of trivial garabge on their C-Store and they intend to keep shoveling more out while the game suffers from a general lack of content and gameplay problems.

Good to see where Cryptic's focus lies eh ?

Oh but whats coming next...


Want a Caiten - C-Store
Want more bridges - C-Store
Want more emotes - C-Store
Want Pre-order items - C-Store
Want a Romulan - C-Store
Want a Hirogon - C-Store
Want Borg - C-Store
Want a Federation Cloaking Device - C-Store
Want Anything - C-Store.
Want more content - Get it at the C-Store.

If they are that desperate for money then up the monthly subscription and have these items free or earnable via the game. When I say via the game I do not mean stupid 500 days later.
I mean, I complete STF X or complete Accolade = I get ship skin, etc.

Its sickening that on top of the monthly subscription players are going to be getting shafted via the C-Store for stuff that is broken down into the most stupidly trivial additions.