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05-04-2010, 01:47 PM
Originally Posted by dstahl View Post
Before any more pitchforks get handed out... let me offer up some info before you go burning down the village.

The 3-Nacelle Future Enterprise config will be an exclusive variant of a T5 Galaxy ship we are planning to add to the game as we increase the skillcap at various points in the future. In fact I see plans on the schedule to add T5 versions of the Galaxy, Intrepid, and Defiant class.

So yes - the Future Enterprise - 3 Nacelle config is an exclusive "variant" and may be the only T5 Galaxy for a while, but there will be ways to get similar ships in the future - they just might not have the 3rd Nacelle - or front mount single phaser cannon.

you may now go back to your regularly scheduled riot...
you still don't get it. you are *WASTING* and *SQUANDERING* oppurtunities to make the game BETTER by offering UNIQUE things for players for in-game achievements, for making a quick buck.

are you so BLIND that you can not see this?