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05-05-2010, 11:28 AM
Originally Posted by superchum View Post


It's a future that never happened timeline ship that appeared in one episode.

It's not iconic at all.
What throws me off about this debate is that, in Beta, I was begging for the Galaxy X and the playerbase then said that 3 nacelles was ugly, that the ship belonged to another timeline, that 3 nacelles went against Gene Roddenberry's and Matt Jeffries' vision, etc. The strongest support was an, "Eh. It might be cool."

I moved on, realizing I don't really like Cruisers except for show.

NOW, everyone is upset...? Where were these people before?

I think it's more about people who don't like rewards being tied to anything but achievement or the idea that they can't have everything than the Galaxy-X itself being that special or iconic.

Whereas I think Cryptic has been very clear about going for a "nobody can have everything" approach.

IMHO, to hammer this home, we should start seeing missions (non-repeatable) where you have to choose one of four bound cosmetic rewards but nobody can have all of them. And then have no way to obtain all four. And refuse to offer the others in the C-Store.

Just to hammer home that money and skill and time will not get you everything, that nobody has everything, that nobody is entitled to more than 25% of everything. Because it promotes real, honest-to-goodness diversity of some kind if the majority of things in game are something no one person can have, regardless of Cryptic Points or STF completions or persistence. You get what you get. Nobody gets a complete set of anything for any reason.

That's the direction I'd like to see MMOs head. Then people might focus on what they like instead of what they can have that other people can't or "keeping up with the Joneses".