Thread: G13 "glitches"
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05-05-2010, 11:36 AM
Sorry for the quasi-necro but I picked up a g13 this wekend and had a heck of a time getting anything to work. This thread was the final clue to making a macro work the way I wanted. Before, the macro would fire off as desired but then there would be a several second lag where the whole game would freeze. Thanks to this thread problem solved.

Some details, I was wanting to automagically redistribute shield power by only pushing one button, like on my n52. By default the keypress for that is the "default" key. I created the macro, named it Dist Shields, and turned on Record Delays Between Events. I then hit and released the mapped key three times and stopped recording events. I edited each time delay to .100 seconds and saved. The macro now works perfectly as intended and my hand will hurt far less.