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05-05-2010, 11:41 AM
Originally Posted by superchum View Post
That's been one of the better ideas I've seen come out of this discussion. It addresses the complaint of 5 referrals being too many. But then still keeps to the core of the idea. Having one player sub for 6 months. You do the game a service. Mathematically their sub fees equal the effort of 5 friends. But you give the game a sub with some retention value.

I like that idea.

I find the suggestion to put this ship directly into the C-Store is a cop out. It does not consider the intent of the referral program and really only serves to fill players "wants" with no real consideration of what the company is trying to do.

I find your idea actually works within the framework of what the company is trying to do. While still making it easier to obtain the item. Since most of us interested in the thing can probably find one really close friend to go through 6 months of subscribing. Where finding 5 friends is ... less likely.
I disagree completely. By putting incredibly sought after items as a referral only ploy, you alienate a large percentage of the player base by putting the item out of their reach. The only friends I have that would be remotely interested in playing STO already bought the game. We were all there since closed beta. Out of those 12, only myself and one other are still playing and that's only due to my having lifetime and his having a year long membership. the others stopped playing less than 2 months after launch. That's why they're going for the 5 friends with one month payed for approach, they probably don't think they can get but 5% of those who buy in to remain more than one month so they think getting 5 "suckers" to buy in for a month will net them more cash.

They're better off making it for sale in the C-Store and make the cash they can from there as well and avoid ****ing of the those who are loyal c-store spenders.