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05-05-2010, 11:45 AM
Originally Posted by DarkElfa View Post
I disagree completely. By putting incredibly sought after items as a referral only ploy, you alienate a large percentage of the player base by putting the item out of their reach.
It's a carrot. On a stick. It's supposed to be just out of your reach. If you really want this item, you can go get it.

Your suggestion ruins the incentive of the referral program. For what? So you can get this ship? That's not the goal of the referral program.

They're better off making it for sale in the C-Store and make the cash they can from there as well and avoid ****ing of the those who are loyal c-store spenders.
The C-Store will have other things in it. That people will pay money for. The more hype and more posts threads like this get ... the more likely Cryptic gets the message that this is the perfect carrot for the referral program. All you people want this ship so badly, you know how you can get it.