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05-05-2010, 11:47 AM
Originally Posted by DarkElfa View Post
I think I've got a viable solution for Cryptic concerning how to make the Galaxy X functional and fair in-game.

Cryptic has stated before that they would have to make the big cannon functional if they made it but that seems unfair at first. This is how you do it.

First, The Galaxy X should be a tier 5 cruiser. Sell it in the C-Store for 1000 credits. Give it 4 rear slots and only 3 standard front slots with an auxiliary slot for 1 single beam array of any energy type. Place a special button for the use of that slot on the hud. When used, the big cannon would fire a blast similar to Beam Overload 3. The off-set would be a 2-fold. After using the big cannon, it sets all energy weapons on a 20 second cool down and places the use of the big cannon on a 2 minute cool down.

So after use, you would have only torpedoes for a 20 second count. The other off-set would be that you only have 3 standard forward slots since your trading up 1 for big cannon use only. As far as I can tell, the trade offs puts it on equal footing with other Tier 5 cruisers, adds something cool to the game and does so without adding an unfair advantage.

I'm with you on all counts except the cooldown: halve that. Tricobalts only take a minute to cool down, and they're insta-kill buttons all the way up to a pretty close-level opponent (at least in PvE). And for PvPs and STFs, 20 seconds is a long time to go without active defenses.