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05-05-2010, 12:57 PM
Originally Posted by Shard-Warrior View Post
For how much?

The plan is for 5 subscribers for at least one month. That equates to;

~$20 for game purchase (5 x $20 = $100) + ~15$ for a 1 month subscription (5 x $15 = $75) = ~$175

Why would they put this in the C-Store for $10 or $20?

Just curious about the thinking there...
I can answer that. How many people do you really think Cryptic will get to be able to actually complete that magical 5 player sign up with 1 month played? Probably as many as will actually just buy 5 more copies of the game them selves and pay for a month of service for each just for the Galaxy X. I bet you no more than 20 - 30 people will actually pull it off, if that.

30 x 175 = $5250

No I can imagine that even at only 10 bucks a pop that they could sell between 2000 and 5000 at the C-store.

10 x 2000 = $20000
10 x 5000 = $50000

Even if they only sold 1000 copies, they would still end up with twice what they would make with it as referral only. Hell, sell 500 copies at 20 bucks and you do the same.

As for complainers, sure, there will always be those who thinks they should just get it all for free. I don't count those fanatics in my numbers. Cryptic wants money and I'm happy to give them some, but I can't get 5 other clowns to do the same and I'm not crazy enough to spend 175 bucks to do it myself.