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05-05-2010, 12:19 PM
Originally Posted by DarkElfa View Post
You are truly cracked man. Fine, you go out and ring yourself some door bells, I'm going to continue going up Cryptic's ass until this makes it in the C-Store.
I don't want the ship.

You do.

That's the difference.

There's no need for them to put this in the C-Store. They want you to bring referrals to the game. And have provided a carrot. You are going about this the wrong way.

Don't get me wrong, I understand Cryptic's reasoning in doing this and why you think its smart business sense on their part,
It's not that I think it's smart business sense. I merely think your logic is faulty. And you are walking into a brick wall here. You want the ship. They've given you a way to get the ship. If they put it in the C-Store, they ruin the entire point of their referral program. You're argument isn't going to sway them. Because it doesn't take into account the reason why they're doing this program.

Why do you care if people have the option to buy it from the c-store?
I don't care. I just think that your entire premise is going nowhere. If you want this ship as badly as you seem to, you have options to get it. You just don't like those options.

You have a choice. Get the ship. Or don't.

They put this in the C-Store and they cut their nose to spite their face. It won't work. It's not part of their plan. It's not "smart business" ... it's just business.