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05-05-2010, 01:35 PM
Originally Posted by Commadore_Bob
I think Cryptic is assuming those who haven't played the game yet are not the ones who will reach RA5 in two weeks. They'll be weekend warriors who don't mind taking their time. Cryptic would be releasing content faster than they could complete it.

As for Galaxy 5, I would love for it too to become a Vet reward as well. Recruit 5 people, get it now. Play for 250 days, get it then.

LIKE ME!!! ^_^ except i'm more of an "after-work" warrior =/ i'm still only a just hitting captian when i get off work today though o.o; and i've been playing for over a month now

personally i'd totally refer my friends to the game i like the game for how it plays and even if there is a lack of content we can all just sit around the bridge giggling about stuff while we wait for the next pvp match to start
friends aren't about getting to RA as quickly as possible, it's about just having fun and not worrying about how fast you get to RA and in most cases it's actually anti-lvling, which would you rather do, get to RA, or hang out with your best friend on the bridge and talk about that girl who works at the front desk, or that awesome dress at the clothing store, or w/e you do with your friend