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05-05-2010, 12:36 PM
I agree. It was a bad idea to make any of these rewards specific to recruiting. Cryptic agreed with that 5 years ago when they did the same thing with the Valentine wreath and sandals costume pieces. And they swore they would never make such a mistake again. And what do they do? Make the same mistake again. Maybe it's because they have new idjots in charge of the marketing department now and none of them knew about or got the message from the backlash on the CoH boards way back when. You would think Jack might speak up though.

I'm not recruiting anyone! I'll keep playing but I'm fragging done sticking up for Cryptic. I am beginning to see what the "haters" saw three months ago. This isn't the same company I had faith in for the last six years. They've changed... and not for the batter.

You're losing your fans Cryptic. Fix it quickly.