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05-05-2010, 01:09 PM
Originally Posted by DarkElfa View Post
My logic is fine.
But it isn't. You still don't see it.

The ship isn't the only thing you get out of the referral offer and the people who can will still go the referral way rather than spend 20 bucks in the C-Store, you would be stupid to do other wise. Why would anyone spend 20 buck when they could do it for free. I get the logic, I just think its crappy logic.
You're still not getting it. This is not about spending money for an in-game item in the C-Store. The overall goal is to bring in new subscribers and to reward those customers who help achieve that goal. How does putting this ship into the C-Store accomplish that?

Telling people that if they want it they'll find a way is pure and total bull **** and you know it.
I disagree. If you want anything bad enough, the onus is on you to do what is necessary to get it.