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05-05-2010, 03:03 PM
Originally Posted by Kelteel View Post
Whats the point in a reward no one wants? I think it is the nature of a RAF system to give something as a reward desired by many people. Lets be honest, if they designed some new never before seen ship, no one would actually care to participate in the system. So i say threads like this are a big acknowledgement of cryptics marketing idea of the RAF program.

And for the record, i would also love to fly a Galaxy X.
Why do people need a giant carrot to try and bring their friends into the game? Does Cryptic think that liking this game is so embarassing in its current state that such a bribe is needed? The people who would be most suited for this program have already tried, successfully or not. Anyone who wouldn't be recommending this game to their friends without the giant dangling carrot isn't exactly being encouraged to be honest about the game's rough spots that gave them misgivings in the first place.