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05-05-2010, 05:15 PM
On Fed side, Ferengi have NOTHING unique.

Benzites have their respirator device as option, and only they. You can make a Benzite-looking alien on both sides, but not with this item. And that is perfectly fine, because I'm tired of aliens resembling a playable species for the sake of 4 selectable skills. (You are certainly an exception, as you play a human in the KDF. That's not my issue, my issue is playing a Klingon-looking alien in the KDF, with 4 space traits and such.)
I 'give away' the Nausicaan mask so freely because its not the only thing they have, and the mask has much more different uses for other species than the tusks.

I also think each species should have at least 1 unique option that is related to their culture. Means sashes for Klingons only, not for Orions, Gorn and everyone else. No bikinis for female Klingons and Trill, only for Orions. Reward players for picking a canon species, not punish them by limiting their trait choices.

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