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One of the main points Cryptic has emphasized in various interviews is that they listen to their players. And TBH, they've done a pretty good job so far. For example, the game launched without PvE for Klingons, the community requested it, and they have started to deliver and have more in the works. The game launched with a pretty lame crafting system, but people expressed their desires and Cryptic is reworking it. The list goes on and on from the DP to the difficulty slider to end game content.

However, a new issue has arisen that people are voicing their concerns about; namely the Galaxy-X ship introduced through the referral program. Cryptic has made a pattern thus far of listening to the players, and thats a good thing. So lets have an unofficial poll to show how the community feels about this issue, so Cryptic can have another opportunity to prove they are listening:

Should the Galaxy-X remain exclusive to the referral program?

After you vote, please share your thoughts.