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05-05-2010, 08:12 PM
Originally Posted by syberghost View Post
Than any ship CURRENTLY in the game. You think. Based on some assumptions. You don't know what that weapon's DPS will be like. You don't know what other tradeoffs the ship will have. You don't know what other ships will be introduced at the same time.

Doesn't stop you from proclaiming the End of the World, though.
They already stated that for a time this will be the only ship of it's kind in game.

Yes, while they may give these abilities to ships that are earned (not bought) they openly admit that this ship will enjoy at least a time period of exclusivity in traits.

How is that a good thing?

Marketing decided to release this week's outrage on a day other than a Friday, so far that's all that surprises me.

This ship needs to be demoted to cosmetic skin only. No exclusive abilities. Nothing that any other T5 ship can't do ALREADY in game.

If they do that, I will quit complaining. I actually HATE the appearance of the Galaxy, much less the even worse looking 3 nacelle variant. I have no desire for that ship based on appearance at all, and wouldn't cross the street to get it for free.

But that's not good enough for marketing. They instead have to make it better than anything else, to induce people to shell out over $200 to buy it. Mark my words, this will not net STO any new subscribers. It will just induce the sickest amongst us to buy it.