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05-05-2010, 08:13 PM
Originally Posted by Jack_Armstrong View Post
You know what would get me to recruit people? It's not some stupid unique ship. It's not some stupid holographic bridge officer. It's not some stupid holographic tribble. What would get me to recruit people is to have a working, fun, and relatively bug-free game.

STO as it currently stands is stagnant. Season Two might help get the game in the right direction. I won't know until July (or whenever they get around to releasing it). Based on the reviews, the forums, word of mouth, pretty much everywhere, the game sucks. People will not want to play the game knowing or believing that the game does not live up to the name.

Marketing dropped the ball on this one. Not only are they offering a more-or-less unattainable perk that only a handful of people will receive but they're trying to get us to recruit people in a game that a fair amount of us have already lost faith in. I still see potential, but there are LOTS of people who are scared or put-off. They may not like Star Trek in general. They may not want to be labeled as "Trekkie" or dweeb or dork or whatever. They may try the game and decide it's crap. There is no long term investment. THAT's the problem with the game as it stands.
I couldn't agree more with you. I just started playing a trial of another fairly recent MMO (I won't mention it by name since that wouldn't be fair) that I ended up subbing to, just to fill in some time while waiting for things to do in STO. That game was such a sleeper that it's actually easy for me to get people to come and try it out and maybe purchase it if they end up liking it. STO has done a poor job making a name for itself with its quick launch, missing content, all the nickel & diming, and price gouging techniques that come on top of your monthly sub, that I couldn't even give FREE retail codes of the full game away if I had them.

The only people who are going to have this new ship (that's been asked for since early beta), are the people left who purchased multiple copies for all the preorder items. They're the ones who will go out and buy 5 new accounts for 31 days, which won't help the game's population any, because that's still 5 accounts who won't be playing on our already empty and dieing single server.

Then again, getting people to buy 5 accounts for a flying sparkle pony is likely their plan all along. Sadly there will likely be a handful of fools who bite too, then 2 months later they'll put it on the store for $25 and more fools will bite.