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05-05-2010, 09:22 PM
Originally Posted by wildcat84 View Post
This ship needs to be demoted to cosmetic skin only. No exclusive abilities. Nothing that any other T5 ship can't do ALREADY in game.
This isn't good enough for getting 5 people to sign up, buy the game and buy a sub. But you already covered this...

But that's not good enough for marketing. They instead have to make it better than anything else, to induce people to shell out over $200 to buy it. Mark my words, this will not net STO any new subscribers. It will just induce the sickest amongst us to buy it.
Oh it'll get new subscribers, of that I'm sure. However, it will not get those new subscribers to stay long term, it will not keep them playing.

I don't think nerfing the reward is the solution. I still agree with the OP (and other posters). Make it:

- A veteran reward
- A C-Store item (but I'd remove the cloak and cannon in this case)
- A Memory Alpha "ship design" that can be built using the new/improved crafting system

As far as recruit-a-friend rewards, for now (keeping mind that the game isn't even close to being a year old yet), the following given for each person you recruit:

- C-Store Points
- Free Game Time


- For recruiting 5 people: In-game title and "item" (like a ship skin or that cannon everybody is going on about)
- For recruiting 10 people: An in-game title and "mount" and/or "item" (like snazzy shuttle with ST: The Final Frontier "rocket boots" (i.e., the ones Spock wore)