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05-05-2010, 09:46 PM
Originally Posted by laladiel View Post
perhaps another way to unlock it would be sort of how most games have an epic quest for each class.perhaps they can put together a long multi-tiered mission sort of like a few "to be continued" missions back to back for the end game and as a reward for the last part, you get a chance to buy the galaxy x class ship from a shipyard.
Good idea as well, IMHO.

- A veteran reward (already in the OP)
- A C-Store item (already in the OP)
- A Memory Alpha "ship design" that can be built using the new/improved crafting system (should be added to the OP)
- An epic ship quest (should be added to the OP)

However, if you make this ship into an uber quest reward, then you still need to solve the problem of "what will the RAF offer, then?" Like:

For each person you recruit:

- C-Store Points
- Free Game Time [Edit: If you are a lifer already, you should get something else, perhaps additional C-Store Points over an above what a non-lifer gets...just an idea]


- For recruiting 5 people: In-game title and "item" (like a ship skin or that cannon everybody is going on about)
- For recruiting 10 people: An in-game title and "mount" and/or "item" (like snazzy shuttle with ST: The Final Frontier "rocket boots" (i.e., the ones Spock wore)
Not saying the above is the best solution, but it's an alternative.