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05-06-2010, 02:36 AM
Originally Posted by DK-Starfire
And can you give any logical reason why a big shuttle (runabout) "should" be a "viable alternative" for a light cruiser class STARSHIP? A starship which is, canonically speaking, capable of transporting a runabout?
Actually that is no proper reason: As a Klingon on T5 you also can chose between a bird of prey and a carier wich REALLY can carry and spawn a Bird of Prey.

It would have been logical to give out the Runabout INSTEAD of the Miranda; it doesnt seem proper that a Lieutnant commands a Starship (although Miranda might be a little outdatet) to me, and since almost everything on LT level takes place close to earth it would fit that LTs run the errands at the beginning.

But I like the runabout the way it is. ANd it isnt really expensice, I had higher Repair costs on trying Elite with a 4 man group then that thing costs.

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I saw one of these in a pvp match the other day. Not sure wha to think about that really.
There is a word for people like that. Starts with "I", ends with "diots"