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05-06-2010, 08:42 AM
The Federation does not need Cloak. If you want a ship that cloaks, please make a Klingon-faction character. You will be able to cloak to your hearts content. I take it that all of you who desperately want a Cloak for your Federation ship has never played a KvK House battle before. Besides, we of the Klingon Defense Force could use some new members! PvP queues are getting stale~ help solve the problem!

Secondly, I don't know anywhere that says the Treaty of Algeron has been nullified. If any of you could please site some sources, especially in-game sources, that would be stellar. Just because you can fly across the Neutral Zone and not cause "an interstellar incident" does not mean anything. It's a game, simply; The Romulan Star Empire is not able to enforce their borders as they used to considering the mass devastation of the Hobus Supernova. Allowing the player to explore Romulan space is a very nice idea-- for one, it's something unique for the player, and for two, allows the player to experience the plot revolving around the latest movie. This is hardly an argument for "Feds can cloaks nows!!"

I've not watched much of Voyager nor much of DS9; but I know that many of these reasons cited that the Federation should have cloaking technology comes from Alternate timelines, like in "All Good Things" -- and no, please don't cite the Galaxy X as a reason the Federation should have cloaking technology. The ship never really existed... it's simply a fun bonus for people to refer several friends to the game. If you guys watched the TNG episode with the Pegasus, then you know that cloaking device was developed out of bounds of the law and in an underground, underhanded sort of way. Not to mention all the research, and the device itself, was destroyed.

If the Federation gets cloak, then I demand equally strong hulls, more device slots, more consoles, and more tier5 ship types (Tactical and Science themed Battle Cruisers, and Engineer/Science themed Raptors)!