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05-06-2010, 01:10 PM
Originally Posted by Paul_Bowman View Post
A request to developers.

Many people here have done approximations of Caitians using the alien template. I myself have two mods having grown up watching the cartoon series when it originally aired... yes I'm that old. Edoans from TAS would also be nice but terribly involved I am sure.

As such, we would like to keep our characters and change them to meet the physical and racial traits determined by the upcoming Caitian template. I would say there is considerable support for this in the membership, furry jokes aside, to do this. Should this be unworkable, then additions to make the cosmetic changes necessary to match the visual appearance to the new templates.

Your response to this would be greatly appreciated and show the folks here that you do see our requests and would at least consider same.

Thanks for your time,
Here's the thing. I've made a Cardassian using the alien character customization choice. If someday in the next 12 months they make Federation Cardassians a playable race ... I'm not going to ask them to let me transfer the Cardassian Alien to the Cardassian.

I will either keep the character I levelled.

Roll a new Cardassian.

Or buy 2 extra character slots and do both.

I see what you're saying. But I can't really support the request. It's a risk we all took when we made our custom aliens as canon races.

You move on or you deal.