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05-06-2010, 02:56 PM
Originally Posted by CyberDragon
I disagree.

I like many other players in our community do not have many friends who either don't have this game or just don't have any intrest in playing STO period. In my case there's only 3 eople at best willing to shell out cash to play this game. With that said there would be no sensible way for me to scrounge up 2 more people just for the X class. To ask me to practically bug random people would not be the best move.

However, if the becomes a thread for peole playing the Demo I wouln't mind passing out refferal codes like others already do in the CO forums.
Well is what I suggest you do

Get up..

Go down to the local comic shop and if yah have to Bar/Club, start making some friends. You know be social. And then talk to them about the game, and see if they would try it and bam...Iam sure youll get someone to try it...again its effort. If yah want the item youll go and try to get it.

Heck when I heard of this promotion the next day I went to my boss's office talked to him for like a half hour hehehe *slaps hand* and told him about the game and what not and hes like sure ill give it a shot, same thing with my friends. And i did try to get my other friends involved before launch, 2 of them did try it out just didnt keep with the game, though they will play soon when there done schooling