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05-06-2010, 03:11 PM
Originally Posted by xXLocutusXx
haha you made me giggle

Well make new I mean Iam sure your a likeable person. Hey I had to threaten some of my best friends with my paintball gun haha j/k.............dont look at me like that....stop it!
My point is I already did this. I recruited 8 friends, family members and associates to this game and I got nothing for it. But now that this system has been released I have to recruit more. I did the leg work already. If Cryptic can't figure out a way to acknowledge recruiting that was done before the system was implemented they should not be tying in game rewards to it.

Besides it goes directly against Cryptic's promise that they would never do so again after the fiasco with the CoH Valentine' Day recruitment of 2005.