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05-06-2010, 04:22 PM
Originally Posted by xXLocutusXx
Well.. i was thinking to myself with all the Keep the Galaxy not posts I thought it was time for something abit more realistic. Keep it exclusive Cryptic, its a great idea, I love it. All ready have my buddys in on this and there ready to go and try the game out. Im sure there are many many others out there like me that were able to find 5 people they know and get them to try your game. Here here for the exclusive item you have put into the mix, cant wait to fly it around with everyone else who managed to get one.

I hope to see more things like this in the future, that are Exclusive. Love yah Cryptic *hugs and kisses from all your fans* <3


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Seconded. It's called a reward for a reason. And while I have no problem with them eventually making it a Vet reward, it should, for the time being, be an exclusive thing. They could make it purchasable later as well.

I've read posts of people saying it should be available to everyone now. But it is a new feature and an award. Try buying a new computer and asking for the next model for free because it came out a week after you bought the old one. They'll tell you to cough up some dough. Cryptic is well within their rights to offer any new enticing product they want. The point is for you to recruit some extra players so Cryptic can get some extra capital so they can then afford to make the Galaxy and MORE available in the future.

You are not entitled to game rewards just for being here. Even the vet awards require a time investment. I'm a lifer and even I have to play for the required time to get the awards I'll get by default anyway.

If you want the rewards...WORK FOR THEM!