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05-06-2010, 03:22 PM
Originally Posted by xXLocutusXx
Wow Iam surprised especially you being on the West Coast like me. I have 2 little comic shops in my little town of under 10000 and then Iam only like 45 min away north and south to two major cities :p

I know some people wont be able to for realistic reasons, but I mean you cant hate them for putting an item to bring in more people. Again it sucks but never the less..these type of promotions always happen. I know when playing WoW, I didnt get one of those little password creators...not sure what you call them but they give a special ingame object...i never got it...i never cryed over sucked but i seen why they did it.
Consider yourself a fortunate Bas..No! Bad Cyber end sentence begin anew! What I meant to say was your a lucky person since in my area (The High Desert for those of you curious about it) have witnessed numerous game/comic stores shut down due to rapid decreasing of interest/competition. As of late the main stores are simply just Gamestop/Walmart/Target/Kmart and the smaller shops that offer better service get rolled over in the process. The last Comic shop we had was Comics+ and I used to go there for many of my obscure comics (Ren & Stimpy, Knuckle's Chaotix etc.) which sucks for me since at the moment I'm stuck just having to wait long enough to get a better car before I can seek out a new shop to go to.

As for the crying thing I can understand that some people will be really upset about this situation I personally just feel a little annoyed by it more than like raging mad.