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05-06-2010, 04:29 PM
Originally Posted by CyberDragon
Consider yourself a fortunate Bas..No! Bad Cyber end sentence begin anew! What I meant to say was your a lucky person since in my area (The High Desert for those of you curious about it) have witnessed numerous game/comic stores shut down due to rapid decreasing of interest/competition. As of late the main stores are simply just Gamestop/Walmart/Target/Kmart and the smaller shops that offer better service get rolled over in the process. The last Comic shop we had was Comics+ and I used to go there for many of my obscure comics (Ren & Stimpy, Knuckle's Chaotix etc.) which sucks for me since at the moment I'm stuck just having to wait long enough to get a better car before I can seek out a new shop to go to.

As for the crying thing I can understand that some people will be really upset about this situation I personally just feel a little annoyed by it more than like raging mad.
hahha, say it iam a bast... anyways..

That sucks dude I feel for yah. I hope when yah move you get to be around people that are interested in games and what not. Like i said I know some people could try if they wanted to but would get no success in it, just due to the area they are in. But I mean, dont take what I said when I put in the crying bit... but yeah i can see it being annoyed with because you really want it..fine, but when people start flamming about this thats when things are like wow..really...havent you played any other mmo then this.