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# 1 WTB BOFF slots
05-06-2010, 09:22 PM
No, literally. If there were something in the game I might be willing to shell out extra cash for, it would be the ability to have more bridge officers on standby. I'd prefer to use different BOFF setups for PvE, PvP solo, and PvP teamed. Further subdivide by map type in PvP - Capture & Hold favors certain abilities, but Arena favors others.

Some expectations:
Unlocked BOFF slots would be applicable to all characters on the account, including future characters
Additional BOFF slots would be sold in sets of 2, with the ability to get more than one set (like character slots)
The BOFF cap increase would be independent of future rank-related BOFF quota changes (RA10+)
The price range would be comparable to additional character slots