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The day the Mirror Universe uniform for girls went into the game was the day my character became the Most Popular Girl in Class. I cannot go into a team without someone asking me how I got it. Everyone covets it. I am more envied now, in this fictional universe, than I have ever been in life.

I know it is only a matter of time before you Cryptic folks decide to put the uniform on the C-Store, and I am resolved to that day, but I have to tell you right now that when that day comes I will cry. I will be like the guy in school who has the cool car, the day after that car is wrapped around a telephone pole.

Please, please, please, for my own self-esteem and to preserve the incredible fun I have with this uniform, put off listing it on the C-Store for as long as possible. I know, it will bring you warp cores full of $$, but I implore you.

That is all.