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# 1 All Good Things Uniforms
05-06-2010, 09:48 PM
What I would love to see is the Starfleet uniform from All good things, Endgame, and almost every other Star Trek episode that occurred in the very late 24th century, early 25th century. I would love to get me hands on this uniform. My current crew uses the closest I can make using what is in the game already, but it isn't very close.

Heck, in an alternate (obliterated) timelines, these uniforms were the Starfleet uniform all the way from 2390s-2420s. It would fit so well on my captain and his bridge crew. Anyone else want to see this uniform in game?

If nothing else, I love the combadge from that uniform more then anything and would love to be able to put it on a uniform, even if it wasn't that all good things uniform.