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05-06-2010, 11:06 PM
Originally Posted by JacobFlowers View Post
I think you are right, and I've had this sneaking suspicion that things are not all rosy at the studio (in fact i heard they are not, by someone associated with them). There are in fact a lot of things I want to say, but don't for the simple consideration that they may be just as disheartened with the way things turned out as we are... but for which are beyond their control.

Not to mention the fact that there have been several high profile people who have left the company (Awen, Gozer, Daeke, and a few nameless others that have posted here and there) and some not so high profile people who have made their way to the forums to post their thoughts and how they wished things had gone differently.

There very well may be a slight sense of exhaustion on their part. As I've said before... they are forced into this position of constantly churning out light content at a fast rate because they HAVE to in order to keep the subscriber based interested. Instead of giving themselves time to breathe and a length of time to work on something grand and big on the horizon they are forced to work harder and more quickly. And for their efforst, they see a bleeding subscriber base, and a consistently unhappy forum community.

I for one will be cutting back to give them time and a break. A smart idea, or a clever one, isn't necessarily a wise idea. And I wish they would consider more carefully (or hire me, as I can work magic). While it might be wise to say to keep fighting... on the other hand I personally am getting tired. Espescially after the recent spate of being targeted and discriminated against by Phoxe... I just don't feel inclined to bring constructive ideas to the table any more.
You make some good points here. We don't have a clear picture of what is happening in the Studio. So perhaps some consideration is in order.

I would like to add, I don't think you should stop bringing constructive ideas to them or the community.