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05-06-2010, 11:52 PM
Originally Posted by AtomicFB
If you will look at my post history on the RAF most of them just express I didn't like the galaxy being a part. I admit for entirely selfish reasons. I wanted that ship and I didn't want to go through the trouble of getting 5 people signed on.

I do realize that you and I differ on our opinions on where the game might be in 12 months but I don't consider that an impediment to good debate.
As much as I love a good debate and am always prepared to take a side, any side will do, just give me 5 minutes to research I'll have to beg your leave.
It is 7:30 am, I have not been to bed and the election results have dried up ( hung parliament unless labour can manage a coalition with everyone except the right wing fascists. ) so I must get a few hours sleep.

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