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05-06-2010, 11:54 PM
Nah, I don't think we went too far in some respects.
I have read a lot of the posts about the RAF program and the items that were involved and for the most part they were pretty civil with the exception of a few I will leave un-named and what was said.

It is fine to send a clear message early about some of these things, let your point be heard so they can gauge how well it will go over and it gives them an opportunity to restructure their idea before it all hits the fan.

If they had used the Excelsior, I can only imagine the outcry of anger.

At least with the response to the issue of the Enterprise ship, they now have an idea of their boundries with a decent amount of the community when it comes to future rewards for programs such as the RAF.

It's alright to be proactive and show your disgust, without criticism nothing would ever get changed.
Nothing wrong with voicing your opinions in a non-combative way.

Am I disappointed in their RAF giveaway of such an iconic thing and all that it looks like it is going to be able to do? Sure, but I will live.
Meh, this was not my first disappointment and will not be the last I am sure lol, but I will move on to more pressing matters at hand like keeping the battle going for more content for everyone and so forth.

Pretty much all that could have been said was said, pretty much time to move on at this point.
The outcome of the program will be the other tell of how well it went over.