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05-07-2010, 12:13 AM
Originally Posted by superchum View Post
I'm not trying to offend you. So I'll try to be a bit clearer I guess?

I read your post and what I thought you were saying was that you felt like you were being over-moderated? I am guessing you maybe felt you picked up some infraction points for things that you don't think you deserved them for?

My point was merely to state that ... I've seen much more heavy handed moderation on the Champions Forums for things. I've seen friends and strangers get moderated for things that really were surprising to me.

I can understand that you feel the way you do. No one likes to have their threads close. Or moved around. Or any other things the moderators might do to you. (It's really hard to talk about this without basically discussing their moderation policies, ugh).

So I understand how you feel.

I just ... have seen them be alot more strict with the Champions posters. And I've seen the Champions posters be a lot more deserving of said strictness.

I think discussion in these forums is actually much looser than it was there. And I know some folks think there's a lot of negativity here. But I see a lot more constructive back and forth here.

In my time over there, there was really only one developer ... the one working on their crafting system ... who would get into extensive discussions with the players. Answer questions fast. And give a lot of background info on the process.

It wasn't until Daeke was gone that I saw detailed posts from devs on their test forums about how they test things.

And I haven't been back since January, but I never saw them have anything as useful as the engineering reports here.

In an effort to give a personal anecdote ... I had something like 5 infractions in my time there. I felt 4 of them were ridiculous.

I have 0 here.

My personality hasn't changed. I still post the same way I did there.

I just think there's more reasonable discussion taking place here. I understand some folks might think I'm crazy for saying that.

EDIT: And just to clarify, I mention Daeke ONLy to give a frame of reference for time. My post does not blame that person for the things I saw or experienced. And in fact, the policy shift to be more open was happening with or without that person. So I'm not naming that person for any other reason than to give a point of time for when things changed. Up until that big hubub, I really only saw the crafting forum get fast, and extensive, dev interaction.
Ah, I see. I misunderstood you then, and I apologize for that. I see what you were saying.

Perhaps things are changing here. Since being hyper-active on these forums since the end of 2008, I've never once received so much as a warning for anything I've posted... until Phoxe stepped in.

And yes, we can't discuss the specifics, but needless to say... I feel Phoxe is abusing his position, and have sufficient reason to believe so. As for the CO forums... perhaps they needed to be super ban hammeresque... because those forums were FIERY. Can't blame them though, that product was less than stellar from what I have consistently heard/read/seen, not to mention all the fiascos and debacles they went through. Poor them (and poor Cryptic).