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05-07-2010, 01:27 AM
I agree with most of the posts in this thread. I often see two valid feedback categories on the forums: 1) "Let's kick their f'n ass until they change this" And 2) "We love the game but we want this to change, here's why".

Category 1 is perceived as "crazies with pitchforks" by those in Category 2.

Category 2 is perceived as "fanboys, dev pets and sycophants" by those in Category 1.

In reality they are both on the same team, trying to make STO better in their own ways. But their approaches and mindsets are so extreme they will almost never recognize this.

Devs, on the other hand, are weary of having to sift through the flames of those in Category 1. You can see this in recent comments by Dstahl who went to bat for us over the Galaxy X (thank you btw!). And now the mods will be filing all feedback about marketing offers into a "special" more "organized" section of the forums. Uh huh...

Although I almost never post against people in Category 1 (because I too am passionate about certain things) I think the over-the-top negativity is starting to take it's toll. Keep fighting for what you believe in but pick your battles and consider how the devs might perceive any irate posts because more than likely they are starting to fall on deaf ears.