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05-07-2010, 01:27 AM
Originally Posted by Englebert
I think the argument over the RAF Enterprise. Went way to far. I think that it's strange to see that many people go crazy over that ship. I remember seeing it on the show and thought it was magnificent.

After seeing it later it was just in an alternate universe. For less than 30 seconds. They just duplicated the nacelle and pylon. Then welded it to the Enterprise model. Instead of designing a futuristic Enterprise. I really don't see that ship as all that iconic. If it had been in more episodes maybe. That was a good TNG show.

When I first saw the ship. I wanted it. When I saw I had to get 5 players to subscribe for one month. I knew there was no way I could get it. I don't believe because I subscribe to a MMO. I should be entitled to get every item in the game. I can also see why they don't want thousands flying around since it was only in one show for under thirty seconds.

I think the RAF riot went to far.
This is a bit of a tangent but I hope I have a point ... heh.

So, like I was trying to think about what I would get that emotional or passionate about in terms of a reward put into a system I knew I couldn't achieve.

I admit ... I look at the RAF and think ... yeah, I can't get 5 people to do that. And it's absurd to buy 5 separate accounts.

So there's no way I could achieve that goal. But I look at the reward and am not interested.

How would I feel if it were a reward I wanted?

Well I'm a uniform FREAK! I absolutely go crazy for uniform variations.
I thought what if the reward was the uniform from that future time?

And realized I'd still not bother.

I think it's an ok uni, but I'm not worried I don't have it.

Then I rememberd ... one of the races the devs want to make playable is Deltans.

What if the reward for the RAF were ... the Motion Picture Uniforms?

I found my catalyst.

I'd be freaking out because those I'd want.