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05-07-2010, 12:30 AM
Originally Posted by Hagon View Post
It should be an us vs them mentality. Cryptic and Atari shouldn't get away with what they've done, and people continuing to play nice, playing along, and worst of all keep subscribing, are doing great harm.

Regardless of what some of you think right now, this most likely isn't the last mmo you're going to try, and unless you want most mmos being rushed out messes like we've seen the last two or three years that instantly hemorrhage their populations like STO has, you need to start taking a stand.
An us vs. them mentality is almost never a good idea. Rushed mmos that instantly lose their subscriber bases are, amazingly, less productive than ones that keep their sub bases. No mmo ever has gone into production witth the mindset of "We'll get a bunch of money on the box sales to cover our losses and then hope that we keep enough subs to keep the servers up".

The developers want this game to be as good as we do. You think they don't play games? There are a few people there who I know love Mass Effect 2, they've played WoW and other AAA MMOs. If anything it should be us and the developers against Atari. But then it might not even be their fault because they're doing really badly right now and they need every last bit of cash they can get, Atari made some bad choices and now STO is paying for them.