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05-07-2010, 07:42 AM
Originally Posted by the_illustrious_q
The fact of the matter is that Cryptic is not a government, and comparing them to one simply does not work. Cryptic is a business, they try to please their customers as much as they can, and seriously they have gone far farther than any other MMO company I have seen with trying to make their customers happy, but in the end they are trying to make money not control everyone's life. Cryptic is a business, not a communist government for that reason. They are in it to make a profit.
There's such a thing as a company's loyalty to its customers. If the customer perceives that the company cares about their business, they're probably going to get more business in a positive manner. If the customers believe that the company cares about what's in their wallet and nothing else, they're not generating good will and they're only thinking very short-term.